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Professional factory price desktop with backlight electronic best home professional weather station

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what is the best home weather station to buy?

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The YGH-392 cobblestone Weather Clock is a new weather forecast product with a unique cobblestone appearance and a built-in LED screen. best home professional weather station,Just press the switch button and you can know the weather in the future. With the simple white outdoor machine, through the signal transmission, which can make you more simple, quick and clear understanding of the current situation of air temperature and humidity, displayed by the visual value, to give you a better understanding of the environment where the weather quality, to better protect their health to provide help.

YGH-392 cobblestone Weather Clock

●Activate the remote sensor,open the battery door,and insert 2 x AAA batteries(not included).
●Turn on the main unit,connect it to power via 5V Mini USB cable,and a signal tone will sound.
●Push the ON/OFF switch located at the rear of the main unit to ON position. The full screen of the main unit will light up automatically .
●The main unit starts to receive the signal from remote sensor, they will connect successfully within 3 minutes,the OUT temperature and humidity will display on the screen .
●Pull out the insulation strip at the rear of main unit.
●Close the battery door, place the remote sensor where you want .

 best home professional weather station

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