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Ultimate Guide for Purchasing the Weather Station

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Distance of Transmission is a very important feature of the weather station. The transmission distance varies depending on the physical surroundings and structures of the land, as well as on the interference of RF.

Many weather stations not only offer wide range of transmission distance, but also come with wireless. One should always go for the weather station that has the maximum range of transmission distance possible, in one’s budget limit.

purchasing weather station

1. Types of weather conditions reported

Almost all the weather stations report all of the basic weather conditions like humidity,  temperature.

Frequency of update is very important that the weather station updates the weather conditions frequently. One needs to be updated with the weather, as this is the reason why one requires a weather station for. Many good quality weather stations update the most frequently.

Most of the weather stations only display the current readings. Highs and lows measurements and recording are very limited. But some good quality weather stations measure and record the highs and lows as well as the average or total readings of maximum of 25 to 30 days, including the details of time, day, month and year. The weather station that records the highs and lows is always a better choice.

2. Forecast display

Normally the forecast is displayed in the weather station digital screen with icons. There are many advanced weather stations in which the screen has numerous icons and keys that show different reports when pressed. The weather stations having many key options are better, as different reports will be displayed differently without creating any confusion for the user and the reports can be understood easily.


Alarms are also very important part of the weather station. The alarms indicate the changes in weather conditions. The alarms can be set or also be automatic. Many weather stations come with single, dual or even multiple alarms. Some high quality weather stations have different alarms for different weather conditions, which can be set for each weather variable. If one is not likely to always check out the display, then it is better to get the weather station with multiple alarm options.Resolution.


Display resolution is also a very important factor. The reports can be viewed in the digital screen connected to the weather station. The display must be very clear for the user to understand. If the screen resolution is too low then it will be difficult for the user to get what is being displayed on the screen. Accuracy and range of the weather station must be good so that the reports displayed are more accurate. While buying a weather station, one must always remember to check the quality of the resolution; else it will be a waste of money. Some advanced weather station come with a software that can be installed in a personal computer and the reports can be directly displayed on the screen of the monitor.


Weather stations come in wide variety of costs. It is important to keep in mind one’s budget while buying a weather station. A low cost weather station would not have that many features that one would desire for. With increasing price, the features of the weather station also increase. So the quality of a weather station is directly dependent on the cost of the weather station. In case of low budget, one must buy the best weather station with most features, available on that much budget. If one doesn’t have any budget limit, it is best to go for the costliest weather station with all the features, available in the market.

The above was a list of the factors and conditions that must be researched and checked in the weather station before purchasing it. Overall, a good weather station can be found by you.

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