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Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer, the best resolution for monitoring the indoor humidity and temperature, indicateing the professional indoor comfort levels to the family.

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How to check the humidity level in your house

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Room Hygrometer Thermometer Clock

It does not matter if you live in warm state or you are just prepare yourself for the cold winter season. Humidity plays a vital role on quality of air inside your home. Moreover, what better way to improve the surrounding atmosphere? - to start measure and understand humidity, so I think. You should buy a digital c.

Descriptions We made an indoor thermometer of high-quality, durable materials so that you can easily and quickly determine the temperature and humidity in the room you need.

It looks great, even in the dark, and with the different colors, it's easy to differentiate the information even if you aren't near it.  If you are looking for a good way to get all of your weather information in one place (humidity, temp, forecast), I would definitely recommend this weather station.

Room Hygrometer Thermometer Clock

It's black and the background of the screen is dark, so the backlit numbers and colors really pop. The sensor is in a matching white plastic, so they definitely are part of a pair.

Tells you the temp inside and outside via an external wireless sensor. The instructions are mostly clear and it didn't take long to set everything up. Also has a general alarm function that you just set like an ordinary alarm clock. In addition this station tells you the humidity inside and outside. As for the display, it's very bright and colorful and easy to read from across the room. As long as it's plugged in with the included adapter the display stays in an always-on state.  Overall, it's a simple weather station that displays the weather in a nice to view colorful display.

Make sure the outside temp displayed

Install the weather station, then fix the sensor, observe if it has transmit signal after installing battery.

Get accurate forecast

Distance testing weather station and sensor, put away from the metal mesh, magnetic field of high-power items.Adopt wireless transmission technology to receive temperature and humidity data from remote sensor .(30 meters open area)

Excellent device as described. Easy to read. Solidly built. Easy to use. Great device to verify temperature in room and humidity in house. Would buy a second one without hesitation.

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