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Mini Portable Multifunction Air Quality Detector For PM2.5 Monitoring.

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Do you know the how harmful the PM2.5 it is?

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Do you know the how harmful the PM2.5 it is?

A10 Mini portable air quality detectorParticles with a particle size of 10 microns or more will be kept out of the human nose;size between 2.5 micron to 10 micron particles,access to the upper respiratory tract,but some can be out of the body such as sputum,also will be inside the nasal cavity villi,harm to human body health are relatively small;the particle size which is less than 2.5 microns, is about 1/10 the diamteter of human hair and is not easily blocked.When inhailed,the body enters the bronchi directly,interferes with the gas exchange of the lungs,and causes various diseases,such as,

1. Irritate the respiratory tract and cause respiratory diseases to cause skin problems.
2. Induces asthma,bronchitis and lung cancer.

3. Cardiovascular diseases such as thrombosis,hypertension,coronary heart disease,and cardiopulmonary disease premature death and other cardiovascular diseases.

With the air pollution seriously day by day, we produced device for consumers for caring. You can know how the air around you it is. And can do some good actions.

A10 Mini portable air quality detector. It’s in unique design. Can decorate your home, but also mini portable outside. Now we have agent in Korea and Poland. Any consumers here can buy from agent directly.It’s more convininet and fast. If any client interested in OEM,ODM orders, warmly welcome to contact with us.

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