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Guide to Buying a Personal Weather Station

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With so many features and types of weather stations available, there are many aspects to consider to make an informed purchase decision.

While definitions vary, a weather station is generally considered any device that measures outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity, and barometric pressure. Depending on the model, a weather station can also monitor conditions like Humidity and Temperature, Wireless Technology, Alarm/Snooze making them great for a wide variety of uses. Benefits of owning your own 

weather stations include:

However, weather can vary significantly over even a short distance. Since most of us live 30 miles or more away from the nearest airport, that can explain why you sometimes see sunny skies on your weather app, but rain right outside your window.

If you want a weather update specific to your exact location, nothing beats having a personal weather station in your back yard.

You Have a Special Interest, Hobby, or Occupation

Many outdoor hobbies and interests, such as gardening and golf, can be impacted by the weather. Businesses such as marinas, construction companies, and ski resorts can also be greatly affected by weather conditions. Having a comprehensive understanding of weather conditions at your location can have a significant impact on scheduling your day, saving money, staying safe, and more.


You Can Plan Your Day with Confidence

A weather station can give you important insights into environmental conditions that could impact your home and family. It’s nice to know when to grab an umbrella or put sweaters on the kids before sending them to school. You could also set up alerts to notify you when conditions exceed your present ranges, so you can determine if you need to protect your flower bed from frost or pull the patio furniture indoors to protect it from high winds. With your personal weather station, you can easily view weather conditions at your home to make better decisions throughout the day.

It’s Fun!

More and more people are 

discovering the excitement of being their neighborhood weather expert. They love watching trends, comparing the current weather to past seasons, predicting what the weather might do,  Having a personal weather station offers a gateway to a fun and fulfilling hobby, and people truly enjoy checking in on conditions throughout their day

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