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Formaldehyde meter for determining level of formaldehyde in an area in your home, outside or cars.

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A7 Formaldehyde detect-Detection Method

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1.    The new machine is affected by the packing box, the first time when it is used, the formaldehyde value is high, it belongs to the normal phenomenon, do not worry.

2.    New Goods for the first time, please place the product on a cool ventilated place, outside the outdoors or natural ventilation more than 4 hours, let the natural formaldehyde sensor calibration. It can be used when data below 0.03 mg/m.

3.    The test space will be closed for an hour, and the normal test will be used.

4.    Place the product in the test space. After 5-10 minutes, the readings can be read after the value is stabilized.

A7 Formaldehyde detect

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