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What is the method of removing formaldehyde

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Formaldehyde detecting instrument based on the principle of high sensitive electrochemical sensor, combined with single-chip technology and network communication technology to place the air samples collected detection of formaldehyde in air by phenol reagent solution absorption reaction, triazine, triazine in acidic solution by chromogenic agent ferric ion is oxidized to form blue-green compounds. According to the color depth, direct colorimetric determination at the site. Due to the fact that the detection value of indoor pollution has a great relationship with the temperature, humidity and air pressure of the detection environment, it is often deviated from the expected value according to the normal detection.

The harm of formaldehyde is very great. What are the ways to eliminate formaldehyde in life?

Formaldehyde detecting

Ventilation method

The ventilation method need not explain, is through the air flow, the harmful gas is discharged to the outside, this is a simple and effective method, the only shortcoming is that the formaldehyde release cycle is long, generally three to fifteen years, after the renovation will house more than three years free is obviously unrealistic. It is not required by ventilation alone.

Physical method

It is mainly the use of activated carbon, coconut - coconut and other materials to adsorb contaminated gas, not only physical adsorption, but also the best physical removal method at present. The principle is that the porous structure of activated carbon provides a large amount of surface area, which makes it very easy to absorb and collect impurities. Like magnetic force, all molecules have mutual gravitation. Because of this, a large number of molecules on the activated carbon can produce strong gravitational attraction, thus achieving the purpose of attracting the impurities in the medium into the aperture.

chemical method

Its principle is chemical and harmful gas chemical changes, such as nano technology, photocatalyst, formaldehyde removal agent, deodorant, etc., oxidizing pollutant gas. In addition, all kinds of electric air purifier can also play the effects of physical and chemical treatment.

Biological methods
It mainly uses plants to absorb indoor air pollution to purify indoor air, or to use microorganisms and enzymes for biological oxidation and decomposition.

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