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Quality is the priority. Our factory has QC team and testing machines to make sure every step during production time. And our factory also has gained CE, FCC, ROHS certification.

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How does your factory do regarding quality control?

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Haptime is equipped with production equipment and inspection equipment to meet the requirements of stable production and meet the certification standards; equipped with the corresponding quality inspection department; established the necessary environment for product production, inspection, testing, storage and so on.

Established quality plans or similar documents to maintain documented certified products, as well as documents needed to effectively operate and control the processes involved in ensuring product quality. The quality plan shall include provisions for product design objectives, implementation processes, inspections and related resources, as well as provisions for changes to certified products (standards, processes, etc.) and use of marks after the products have been certified.

Develop procedures for the selection, evaluation and routine management of suppliers of raw materials to ensure that suppliers have the ability to ensure that the raw materials produced meet the requirements. The raw material inspection or verification record, the confirmation inspection record, the qualification certificate provided by the supplier, and the relevant inspection data are saved.

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Identify key production processes and develop corresponding process instructions to keep the production process under control. The environmental conditions are required during the production process, and the factory shall ensure that the working environment meets the specified requirements. Monitor parameters and product characteristics to establish and maintain a system for maintenance of production equipment.

The product is inspected at the appropriate stage of production to ensure that the product is consistent with the certified sample, and documented factory inspection and type inspection procedures are developed and maintained to verify that the product meets the specified requirements. The inspection program shall include inspection items, contents, methods, judgments, etc. The inspection record should be saved. The specific factory inspection and type inspection shall meet the requirements of the certification implementation rules of the corresponding products.

A non-conforming product control program has been established, and the content should include the identification method, isolation and disposal of the non-conforming product, and corrective and preventive measures taken. Products that have been repaired or reworked should be re-inspected. Keep records of disposal of nonconforming products.

The facility establishes a documented internal quality audit process to ensure the effectiveness of the factory quality assurance system and the consistency of certified products, and to document internal audit results. Complaints against the factory, especially those that do not meet the requirements of the product, are kept in record and entered as information for internal quality audits.

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The consistency of the products produced in batch production with the products that have passed the sampling inspection is controlled so that the certified products continue to meet the specified requirements.

Established a change control procedure that affects the product's compliance with the specified requirements, such as the raw materials for the production of the product. The change of the certified product (which may affect the conformity with the relevant standards or the consistency of the sample sampling test) shall be reported to the certification body and obtained before implementation. Can be executed after approval.

Any packaging, handling operations and storage environment carried out by HAPTIME shall not affect the compliance of the product with the required standards.

Quality is the priority. Our factory has 20 QC staff. And our factory also has gained ISO9001:2008 Certificate ,K-mart BSCI IPS audited,BV Certification, CE ROHS UL FCC Certificate,SEDEX,ect.

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