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Monitoring Indoor Air quality in Your Home

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You may not believe it with the stormy weather the past couple of weeks, but it’s expected to be a dry and hot summer this year here in Australia.

With the unfortunate dust storms and bush-fires, you can expect the usual pollutants and allergens that will decrease not only outdoor air quality but also indoor air quality. And if you happen to be allergic to such environmental pollutants, and prone to shortness of breath, prolonged coughing or wheezing, it can be quite a horrifying time for you.

Poor indoor air quality potentially triggers asthma in 2.5 million people; which is why, investing in a household appliance which monitors and indicates the air quality at home via a colour index) might be a good choice.

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Besides the actual pollutants, also of concern are some stats from a recent Philips research indicates that indoor air is often up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and that Aussies are quite unaware about air pollution in their own homes.

Aussies are concerned about indoor air quality but they don’t act on it

42% of Aussies are concerned about the indoor air quality they and/or their family breathe.
Only 5% of Aussies listed the quality of air as the most important thing in their home.
56% of all Australian homeowners do not consider air quality when making home upgrades!

Aussies lack understanding of how to manage indoor air quality

25% of Aussies understand that cooking with a gas stove or oven can release air pollutants at home. However, only 2% correctly identified flowers as a trigger for releasing air pollutants.
25% of Aussies have never heard of an air purifier and the benefits it can have to improve air quality at home!
Aussie home habits are impacting their indoor air quality

95.7% of Aussies admit to having indoor home pollutants, such as dust and flowers.
57% of Aussie homes have pets.
The easiest way to address the issue of pollutants and allergens, is to buy a good air purifier or Air monitor for your home. There are plenty in the market that might be worth your time checking out.

We hope you breathe easy this summer!

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