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Handheld pm2.5 air quality monitor pm2.5,PM2.5 Detector Particle Air Pollution.

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High Quality Air quality supplier in seirous testing

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PM2.5 can easily absorb organic pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals, causing a significant increase In carcinogenic,teratogenic,and brupt mutations.Air pollution is a growing problem,and the resulting disease has killed about 3 million people a year.


Thus, everyone prepare a PM2.5 for healthy testing is needed. Our designs are cool appearances, mini portable. It’s best one to carry out for air care around you.

PM2.5 montor

Shenzhen Yuanguanghao electronics co.,ltd is a leading air quality monitor supplier in China. Full air quality monitors around 10 years ODM experiences. Do own brand 5 years. Retail own brand in Jingdong China.


Our air quality monitors order process:

Design-open tool- make order-materials random inspection –full testing when assemble to check functions and apperances- full testing in Alcohol air pollution simulation room to check if all data under accurency – full testing in no dirty testing room to check if all data can deduce to zero. (When found problem items will take out when testings).


Here attached some models testing photos for ref.

A10 Mini Stone PM2.5 Monitor

air pollution monitor

A8 Cobblestone PM2.5 Detector

air quality measurement

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