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Formaldehyde Detector-Indoor Air Quality Monitor-Factory
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Formaldehyde Detector-Indoor Air Quality Monitor-Factory

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    Air Quality Monitor with TVOC, Formaldehyde Detect, PM2.5 Haze Test Temperature and Humidity Measurement.

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                      Formaldehyde Detector-Indoor Air Quality Monitor-Factory

air quality monitor

Features : 

•Formaldehyde detect , electrochemical sensor technology
•PM2.5 detect ,laser sensor technology 
•TVOC detect , esemiconductor sensor technology
•Time display:”Hour””Minute”
•Temperature and humidity display
 Via display screen,screen size:98*86*2.65mm

• Product size:145*100*33mm
• Product weight:  275g
• Material  : ABS
• powered by DC 5V adaptor  (included)

Product Advantage:

1.The detector is a real-time air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentration of PM2.5, Formaldehyde detect ,TVOC detect , electrochemical sensor technology humidity and temperature in the indoor environment.

2.Monitoring air pollutant source from Office, home, conference room, etc, driving automobiles.

3.Not only it can tell you the various air quality indexes accurately, but also can guide the  corresponding solution, so that you can breathe clean and healthy air!

4.Dry air can cause irritant sinusitis, sore throat, itching eyes and aging skin. At the same time,  the environment of high humidity and biological air pollutants, such as dust mites and molds.  PM 2.5 volume is very small, small enough to be directly through.

For better life, take it back to home!

Packaging Info:

•Color box size: 179*185*42mm
•Weight:487 g including the color box
•Carton size :  43.5*32.5*22.5cm
•G.W:12.2 KG

•N.W: 11.5  KG

Q’TY: 30 PCS

Technical Support: Magic Lamp